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Hong Kong

Review: “Still Human” Reminds Us That Everyone Has a Dream


Not only a heartfelt and genuine portrayal of a Filipino domestic helper’s story, but also a tribute to those who refuse to stop chasing their dreams.

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Revisiting “Pulgasari”: North Korea’s Godzilla In The Time of Peace Talks


North Korea made its own Godzilla — could it be a surprising metaphor for peace?

Review: Operation Mekong (China, 2016)


Based on a true 2011 incident, Operation Mekong is China's first major foray into the US-dominated "foreign intervention action epic" genre.

Review: A Bittersweet Life (South Korea, 2005)


My god, I have been missing out. Admittedly, I’ve never been a fan of Korean dramas — they’re usually unrealistic, pathos-filled, campy fairytales that make my stomach...

Review: Boxer’s Wings (South Korea, 2011)


It is said that to win a Korean girl’s hand in marriage, you must first defeat her father in Starcraft. While this adage is likely...

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