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“On Happiness Road” Beautifully Embodies Taiwan’s Existential Malaise


This animated movie perfectly captures Taiwan’s struggles—both in its story and behind the scenes.

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In “The Young Karl Marx,” Youthful Charisma Defines an Icon


The film paints Sherlock-Holmesian sketch of a man whose memory, to put it mildly, is tinged by whatever ideologies prevail.

Review: The Mafia, the Salesman (South Korea, 2007)


Globalization is a theme on many business-people’s minds—even Korean gangsters know about the Korea-US Free Trade Agreement. When a Korean gang embarks on a globalization...

Review: Atlantic (Morocco, 2014)


An artistically inclined film from Morocco with an unusual windsurfing premise.

Review: The Moment – 50 Years of Golden Horse (Taiwan, 2016)


The Moment is a must-watch documentary for anyone interested in the history of Taiwanese cinema.