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South Korea

Review: “Default” is Korea’s Take on “The Big Short”


“Default” explores the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis’ impact in Korea, focusing more on emotions than economic explanations.

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Review: “The Enigma of Arrival” is a Darker Take on the Coming of Age Story


With a premiere at 2018's Busan International Film Festival, Chinese indie film "The Enigma of Arrival" offers a darker take on coming-of-age.

Review: The Message (China, 2009)


A star-studded Chinese blockbuster which feels like a game of Clue set during the Second Sino-Japanese War.

Asian Brilliant Stars movie award program launches second edition


The 2nd iteration of Asian Brilliant Stars includes more award categories, renowned jury members like Kim Ki-duk, and popular films from outside China.

Review: Beijing, New York (China, 2015)


America—the “beautiful country” (美国)–has always fascinated many Chinese in the modern age, especially film-makers. The journey from China to seek economic prosperity and success in...