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South Korea

Review: “Default” is Korea’s Take on “The Big Short”


“Default” explores the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis’ impact in Korea, focusing more on emotions than economic explanations.

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Review: From Afar (Venezuela, 2016)


An unlikely Venezuelan piece that offers an artistic, brooding taste of award-friendly cinema.

Review: Somewhere I Have Never Traveled (Taiwan, 2009)


Taiwanese kids can be just as quirky as those in other parts of the world — so there’s no excuse for the island to not...

An interview with Tom Waller, director of “The Last Executioner”


Bangkok-based director Tom Waller talks about his experiences profiling Thailand's last gunshot executioner, and why so few Thai films make it big internationally.

Review: The Ex-Files (China, 2014)


The Ex-Files (前任攻略) made for a much more light-hearted review after spending a rather depressing weekend with My Old Classmate. Here, Tian Yusheng brings us...