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Review: “Air Strike” Is a War Movie Plagued By Tragedy…And Taxes


Meet the “Sharknado” of Chinese war movies: with US$65M worth of misery... and Bruce Willis.

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To be entirely honest, I was very skeptical of Fresh Off the Boat (“FOB”) when I first heard about it — after all, how would the American Broadcasting Company (“ABC”)...

Review: In Your Arms (Denmark, 2015)


In Samanou Acheche Sahlstrøm's first feature length film, the writer/director takes on the difficult subject of euthanasia.

Review: Beijing, New York (China, 2015)


America—the “beautiful country” (美国)–has always fascinated many Chinese in the modern age, especially film-makers. The journey from China to seek economic prosperity and success in...

Review: The Flower Girl (North Korea, 1972)


When I traveled to North Korea last summer, I talked with one of my guides, Ms. Pak, about movies. A friend of mine had asked...