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Interview: “Ilo Ilo” and “Wet Season” Director Anthony Chen Talks Casting, Honesty, and Being Away From Home


Singaporean director Anthony Chen discusses his films "Wet Season" and "Ilo Ilo"—and tells us why he found "Crazy Rich Asians" offensive.

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HBO’s “Teenage Psychic” Actually Feels Taiwanese…and That’s Pretty Special


After a well-received run in Asia, the show will start streaming Dec 1 on HBO's US services.

Review: So Young (China, 2013)


In yet another coming-of-age romance story involving moves to America, famed actress Zhao Wei brings us her debut film starring Mark Chao and Han Geng...

Review: Neko Samurai (Japan, 2014)


What do you get when you cross the internet’s favorite animal with sword-wielding Japanese warriors? Well, something a lot like the 2014 Japanese comedy-drama Neko...

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