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“A Taiwanese Tale of Two Cities” Offers Wholesome Cross-Cultural Connection


This Netflix drama series highlights life in Taipei and San Francisco, encouraging viewers to celebrate differences along the way.

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Review: The Devotion of Suspect X (China, 2017)


A Chinese adaptation of a popular Japanese thriller mystery novel.

Review: The Ex-Files (China, 2014)


The Ex-Files (前任攻略) made for a much more light-hearted review after spending a rather depressing weekend with My Old Classmate. Here, Tian Yusheng brings us...

Review: A Loner (China, 2017)


"A Loner" (大雪冬至) explores the life of a old woman in Beijing, illuminating a broader social phenomenon of "left-behind" elders in modern-day China.

Review: Departures (Japan, 2008)


There seems to be a special place in Japanese cinema for death. Akira Kurosawa’s Ikiru and Yasujiro Ozu’s Tokyo Story come to mind as some...

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