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“On Happiness Road” Beautifully Embodies Taiwan’s Existential Malaise


This animated movie perfectly captures Taiwan’s struggles—both in its story and behind the scenes.

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Review: Ghost in the Mountains (China, 2017)


This indie film shot in rural Hunan shows what's left in the wake of China's urbanization.

Review: Timecrimes (Spain, 2007)


Time travel isn’t anything new. As a sci-fi fan, I’ve seen plenty of it–Doctor Who, certain episodes of Stargate SG-1, Star Trek, you name it....

Review: The Message (China, 2009)


A star-studded Chinese blockbuster which feels like a game of Clue set during the Second Sino-Japanese War.

“The Islands and the Whales” Tells of the Faroes—and Maybe the E.U.


Pilot whale hunts are a long-held tradition in the Faroe Islands. Challenges to the hunt on the basis of mercury poisoning bring up deep questions...